There is no better time than now than to be good yourself and look after your physical and mental wellbeing.   Covid 19 certainly put a stop everything we knew as normal.  I really want to get back to some sort or routine   of physical activity and I am sure you do too, walking is just not enough for me.  
 As always I want to  encourage you to become fitter, stronger, more content, improving your overall wellbeing.

 It is proven that regular exercise can improve you mental health by increasing the "endophins" they are your 
 happy hormones. lets get them buzzing around to give you the nudge you need to get of the sofa.  
 We have all been sucked into being inactive watching far too many binge box sets on Netflex. 

 I can help you lose weight, safely and it will stay off. Chose a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

 You will have more energy, be healthier, with  the right diet and exercise being accountable for your lifestyle

  I know I have a to get back on track in order to loose my lockdown weight gain .. so do join me on improving
  your health journey.

                                              1) Be in a deficit of food verses activity  
                                              2) Manage cortisol hormones (stress levels) 
                                              3) Re-start strength training to build and tone muscles
                                              4) Do at least 3 classes a week - a variety of cross training 
                                              5) Eating the right food for you, clean and healthy diet

  The classes I offer will help you achieve great results and you will reach your goal, I promise.
               Do you want to get in the best shape of your life?             Did you have Covid 19? 
       Did put weight on gradually during lockdown?                           Did you binge out on booze?
           Do you want to lose fat?                     Are you feeling sluggish?            Are  you tired all time?
     Do you want that beach body?           Do you struggle with your weight?
                          Are you bulging out of your jeans?          Are you now hiding under baggy clothes?
        Would  you like to be slimer and fitter?                           Do you want to Lose weight and feel great? 
      Do you start a new diet then give up?            Are you peri-menapausal or menapausal?           
      Do you have low moods?                                              Do you feel anxious?
                              If you have said YES to any of these question then call me or book into a class
            Achieve results, be consistant, when you lose 10lbs people will notice. Eat Clean, Detox, Intermittant fast,
                  Pescatarian, Vegan or Vegetarian Diets

       connect with me on Facebook, twitter, instagram or book online with gymcatch 

Lets get those tums and bums challenged to be toned up today 

 Are you happy with your weight and health ?   

1)  Noticed that you have gained weight - your weight has crept on slowly 

2)  Feel like you have let yourself go due to being busy
3)  Are you stressed out?
4)  Are you impatient with your family ?
5)  Do you eat "Healthy" 80% of the time but have gained weight?
6)  Have stopped exercising due to being busy/stressed out or just got out of the habit.
7)  Used to train but not had time to to do it anymore?
8)  Had a baby and the weight is not coming off - No matter how long ago
9)  Do you keep saying "I'll do it tomorrow"
10) Want to change your shape?
11) Are you to busy and eat fast food junk food
12) Do you need rehabilation after being ill?
13) Did you have covid 19?
14) Do you want to improve your immunity?

 Call me on 07976 276 194 - Laila 
 I can help with your weight loss goals and you can reach and maintain your goal weight.

 If you live in Hertfordshire  my classes are in Welwyn Garden City then please come along
 to one of my classes.  
   See my timetable or try an online class with me to relax, refresh and re-juvinate

          1)  FUN CLASSES

          2)   INTERVAL  

           3)  TRAINING 

               = FIT 

   Which one are you ?  
  Lets get ready to shift this belly fat!  
     CHANGE  today.  
     Call me  for a chat
     Discuss your goals
     Have more energy  
     Create more confidence.
     Feel and look  great
     Be happy.
     Fitness fun for everyone